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PAN AMERICAN IN NORWAY 1935-1991 Delai:3 semaines EUA005

                                                                                                                                                      PAN AMERICAN IN NORWAY 1935-1991


2020, 75 pages, format 21.5 x 30. photos couleurs et NB, documents en couleurs, texte en anglais.

19,00 €


A softback magazine of 76 pages about the trials to open an air service between Norway and the USA. One’s the world’s largest airlines with a network spanning the world: Pan American Airways. The history of this airline is without doubt very interesting. A service to the small country of Norway was just one of the air services operated, but generated some 30,000 to 50,000 passengers per year. In this special magazine, we take a look at the history of Pan American World Airways and its routes to Norway.

How diverse its history is can be understood, when we ask you the following question: when was the first air service to be inaugurated: 1936? 1940? 1946? You might be interested to know that Pan American Airways as early as the 1936 wanted to start a trial service and in 1940 actually an air service, but it had to wait until after the Second World War. Its fascinating story is told here, all the way until the end in 1991.

The author describes the intense conversation between the Nordic airline companies and Pan American Airways before the war and gives a historic detailed description of the post-war development, including many photographs, timetables, posters and advertisments from that time. Pages are dedicated to marketing and sales, the Oslo office and its two most well-known directors: Derek L Blix and Berit Sjølund. A final chapter describes the work of the World Wings International, the Norwegian Chapter, the association of former Pan Am stewardesses. The softback magazine includes a beautifult paiting of the Norwegian Sikorsky S-43, LN-DAG “Valkyrien”. Plenty to read and look at.

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