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The illustrated saga of a japanese floatplane pilot in the first year of the Pacific War


2021, 118 pages, format 17.6 x 25, bande dessinée en couleurs, texte en anglais.

32,00 €


This is the illustrated diary of Imperial Japanese Navy floatplane pilot Warrant Officer Nemoto Kumesako, dating from the early months of the Pacific War. His recollections offer an intimate perspective into his life, along with insights into Japanese thinking of the times. Unusually, these memoirs are presented here in a style consistent with the format of Japanese manga (illustrated comic / graphic novel).

The curious floatplanes of the time, some of which verge on the steampunk, come to life with the author’s uncanny sense of humor. Nemoto defies every stereotype of the Samurai warrior, for his diary betrays coveted romanticism. Although an exceptional character, he was certainly a man of his times. Not particularly close to his comrades, Nemoto prided himself in his worldly credentials. For example, he read Tolstoy’s War & Peace in German between missions.

Nemoto’s writing style, cultivated and matter of fact, is tinged with insight and assurance. He never envisaged it would wind up in the wrong hands, and for this reason the reader will savor its frankness and insights.

Michael Claringbould is a globally renown Pacific War author. This is his first attempt at getting away from conventional formats, instead producing an entertaining hybrid tale, garishly illustrated yet historically accurate. Its humorous format is also guaranteed to tell readers many things about this fascinating period they did not know.

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