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LEGION CONDOR 1936-1939 Delai:3 semaines SCH019


A History of the Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Karl RIES et Hans RING

1992, 288 pages, format 22 x 28, photos NB, texte en anglais.

55,00 €


This classic book now makes its first appearance in English. Long out-of-print this study is one of the few books dedicated to the history of the infamous Legion Condor, the German volunteer unit that fought with pro-Franco forces during the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939. Many of the tactics and strategies of the Luftwaffe were first formulated and used during operations in Spain. Also, various aircraft were tested and used, such as the famous Ju 87, Do 17, He 111 and Bf 109 - all stalwarts of the later Luftwaffe during World War II. Many Luftwaffe pilots received combat training in Spain; Werner Molders and Adolf Galland first earned their wings as members of the Legion Condor. Renowned Luftwaffe experts Karl Ries and Hans Ring have brought together over 480 photographs, including aerial reconnaissance photos, detailed unit insignia, and action shots. The history of the Legion Condor is discussed in great detail, including the many personalities, thorough battle analysis, and technical aspects of the weaponry. The result is a superb historical study of the early Luftwaffe. Karl Ries is the author of many books on the Luftwaffe including Luftwaffe Rudder Markings 1936-1945 with Ernst Obermaier, available from Schiffer Military History. Hans Ring is co-author with Werner Girbig of a unit history of JG 27.

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