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The Story of a German Fighter Squadron


2014, 125 pages, format 13x 20, photographies NB, texte en anglais.

28,00 €


Exciting account of the German air war during World War I
Although the author has given this Jagdstaffel a fictitious number and changed the names of the pilots composing it, the incidents related in this book have the genuine ring of truth and will be recognised as facts by anyone who has had experience of flying on the Western Front or who has studied it since. Many experts believe this work draws on the experience of the Bavarian Jasta 35, which flew against the British; however, whatever its real number may have been, Jagdstaffel 356 undoubtedly fought in the air over Flanders in 1918.
This book is an exciting account, obviously written from firsthand experience, of the air war from the German side.

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