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FOCKE WULF FW 190 & TA 152 Delai:3 semaines AMO060

FOCKE WULF Fw 190 &Ta 152

Eduardo SOLER & Aurelio GIMENO

2005, 136 pages, format 29.5 x 21, profils en couleurs, texte en anglais.

26,00 €


Profiles of 100 aircraft used in the period 1939-1945. It includes more than 240 drawings, including different views and details. What the authors have done is extremely interesting, they have attempted to confirm the markings and colours of FW190s whose photographs appear in the extensive range of other publications which they list in their appendix. Not only that, they also list each profile and cross-reference to the specific publication (including page number) in which it orginally appeared.

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FOCKE WULF FW 190 & TA 152
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