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AVRO MILITARY 1910-63 . KEY203



2022, format 17 x 24.5, 127 pages, très nombreuses photos NB, couverture souple, texte en anglais.

23,00 €


Founded in 1910 by Alliott Verdon Roe, A.V. Roe and Company Limited built its first military aircraft two years later. By 1914, the company was literally flying when it designed the first of many iconic aircraft in the shape of the Avro 504, which sold in colossal numbers and was the key factor in keeping the company in the aviation industry after the end of the First World War, while many others fell by the wayside. In 1936, Avro became part of the new Hawker Siddeley group and within two years was operating a new factory at Chadderton, where, together with Newton Heath, all focus was on building the Anson, Blenheim and later the Manchester. Following production of just 200 Manchesters, attention turned to one of the greatest bombers of the Second World War, the Lancaster, of which over 7,300 were built. This caused further expansion at Avro’s main Woodford base, part use of Ringway and a ‘shadow’ factory at Yeadon under Avro control throughout the war years. Although an obvious contraction of orders took place during the post-war years, Avro was, thanks to its earlier successes, a big player in the British aviation industry and would continue to produce an iconic range of military aircraft. The last hurrah was the delightful 748 which just scrapes into this publication as the final example of an aircraft solely designed by Avro, while some still remain in service today. Of the company’s big three, examples of the 504, Lancaster and Vulcan also remain airworthy as testimony to what they achieved, the men who flew them and the great aircraft manufacturer that designed and built them. Many more are extent in museums across the world. This company profile is one of several that will have to be divided into two parts, one military and one civilian, although there will be some crossover, as many types served in both capacities. Avro deserves two entries in the series, and this book gives a good grounding to the huge and diverse range of aircraft that this once proud manufacturer produced.

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