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AMERICAN SECRET PROJECTS 4 194-1974 Delai:3 semaines MID363


Bombers, Attack and Ant-submarine aircraft 1945-1974


2021, 392 pages, format 22 x 29,  photos couleurs et  NB, plans et croquis NB, texte en anglais.

35,00 €


Having completed the revision of his series of British Secret Projects titles, Tony Buttler has now begun the same treatment for his early volumes on American Secret Projects. This first revised book describes the design and development of American bomber and attack aircraft from the end of World War II to the mid-1970s, both for the Air Force and the Navy. Once again the emphasis is placed on designs that were never built, particularly within the context of competitions between the various manufacturers against official requirements.

The projects and programmes described range from the largest and most outrageous ideas for heavy strategic bombers down to much smaller anti-submarine and ground attack types. The majority of the work has been compiled from extensive research using primary source material and this second edition includes many additional and previously unseen three-view drawings, original artist’s impressions and photographs of manufacturer’s models. They are accompanied by a new selection of photos, many in colour, which makes this revised and expanded edition a great resource for modellers in particular. In addition to the comprehensive text, supplementary appendices list the projects by manufacturer and their specifications

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