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Paiement sécurisé

ZEPPELINS AT WAR 1914-1915 SPECIAL Delai:3 semaines ABT238



2014, 78 pages, format 21 x 30, nombreuses en NB, illustrations et profils en couleur, texte en anglais.

39,00 € TTC

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For the very first time in a single volume, all the Zeppelins built, operated and lost in the first two years of 'The Great War' are pictorially-documented with over 150 rare photos and exclusive ,highly-detailed 1:350 scale fold-out plans of both  Class 'N' and 'O' ships based on Zeppelin Company blueprints. From DELAG's Viktoria Louise to the Army's LZ39, author Ray Rimell covers the dramatic wartime service of over two dozen vessels in authoritative  detail:

High-risk attacks on Russian forces over the Eastern Front when four airships were lost in the opening month of WWI...

Early air raids on Belgium by Sachsen and ZIX; then the first Paris raids and on to London...

Skirmishes with the Royal Navy in the North Sea where Zeppelins battled surface units and submarines, and bold RNAS strikes on the airship bases when determined Naval fliers crossed frontiers to make their attacks...

The losses of ZIX ,L3,L4 and L7 are fully described and the destruction of LZ 37 by Sub.-Lt. RAJ Warneford over Ghent is immortalized by the sole surviving crewman's own harrowing first-hand account- a centrespread of colour plates by the author also depict the doomed vessel and Warneford's historic Morane -Saulnier Type L monoplane...

With dozens of rare and evocative photos,many published for the first time,this is a stirring and rarely-told account  of Germany's very first Zeppelin bombers . With personal experiences,detailed appendices and a special section on airship defensive armament ,this limited-edition[individually numbered 1-1000 and signed by the  author]continues the unique, highly-acclaimed series of airship monographs from Albatros Productions Ltd.

78 pages plus covers*Colour throughout*Profiles by the author and Ronny Bar*Detailed 1:96 scale drawings of 'N' and 'O' Class Zeppelin gondolas by Marty Digmayer*Over 150 photos.

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