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The Perils of Post-War Test Flying

William Arthur WATERTON

2012, 202 pages, format 14 x 22, photos NB, texte en anglais.

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First published in 1956, but still relevant and thought-provoking today, this book is an absolute revelation on test flying with the British aircraft organisations and manufacturers in the 1950s. Written from the pilot’s viewpoint, with refreshing candour and honesty – which allegedly cost him his job at the Daily Express – this account details what really went on behind the scenes in the defence world.

Waterton pulls no punches in recounting the non co-operation of civil servants and designers in improving/altering recognised faults (often minor) when developing aircraft – to the cost of lives lost.

Mainly centring on his work with the mighty Gloster Meteor and the Javelin interceptors, this is an astonishing insight into the workings of the aircraft industry. Uncomfortable reading for many, it was seen by his supporters as a wake-up call at a time when British ingenuity and prowess were being overtaken by the Americans and Russians.

An astonishing insight into the workings of the British aircraft industry.

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