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Paiement sécurisé

NUCLEAR ROCKET Delai:3 semaines APB098

Making our planet green, peaceful and prosperous
James DEWAE et Robert BUSSARD
2009, 216 pages, format 17 x 25, 50 illustration et photos NB, texte en anglais.

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This book presents a fundamentally different way of thinking about the space program and the role of nuclear rockets in it, arguing they require an infrastructure to become truly effective, an infrastructure that democratizes it and opens space up to the common man. That must be the goal of a reconstituted program, not some kind of mission and not some scramble to a lunar base or manned mission to Mars. Those will come later, when conditions on earth are ripe for them, when all citizens can participate in their funding and profit from the conduct. Indeed, with a nuclear rocket, all citizens now can have personal access to space through a "free launch" program. The inevitable result of this would be massive amounts of cheap clean, energy from space.

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