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JUNKERS F13 : THE RETURN OF A LEGEND Delai:3 semaines SOD124


The return of a legend


2015, 220 pages, format 26 x 32, 60 photos couleur, 150 photos NB, texte bilingue anglais / allemand.

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When the Junkers F13 was built in 1919, it was the first cantilever all-metal aircraft in the world. Its designer, visionary inventor and entrepreneur Hugo Junkers, was convinced that commercial aviation was the future. Many of his predictions and estimations have come true and many of his structural principles are still used in airliners today. His revolutionary ideas were made possible by duralumin, a lightweight, high-strength copper-aluminium alloy.

The president and CEO of RIMOWA, Dieter Morszeck, feels connected to Junkers' legacy in o number of ways. His father used the same aircraft material for his lightweight tropics trunks over 60 years ago, and he himself is on avid pilot. This gave rise to the idea of giving the F13 new wings by commissioning the building of an airworthy replica. This book takes you on a journey from the origins of the original aircraft 100 years ago and its successors, right up to its replication and the maiden flight of the RIMOWA F13.

Today, we take it for granted that we can fly anywhere in the world, but the modest beginnings of international air travel are not even a century old. The Junkers F 13, introduced in 1919, could seat only four passengers, but this plane was the mother of global commercial flight and was used on five continents. It was the first all-metal aircraft, which enabled it to shatter many records for both altitude and distance flown until 1932. Despite these achievements, this pioneering plane has been overshadowed by its famous successor, the JU 52; of the 347 F13s produced, only five survive in museums, and none are airworthy. In 2009, a group of passionate aircraft designers set out to build a replica of F 13 and get it in the air. With support from RIMOWA, a leading luggage manufacturer, this dream became a reality. This volume tells the tale of the first Junkers F 13 and the amazing story if its reconstruction, from the detective-like search for original documents and design drawings to preparing for the first test flights.

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