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FAIREY GANNET AS MK.1/AS MK.4 4+ Delai:3 semaines PBK025

Anti-submarine and strike variants AS Mk.1, AS Mk.4
2007, 36 pages, format 21 x 29, photos NB et couleur, profils couleur, plans au 1/72e, texte en anglais.

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The Fairey Gannet formed the backbone of the Fleet Air Arm's anti-submarine squadrons in the mid-1950s. This formidable machine was the first aircraft in the world to be powered by a coupled turboprop engine and the first FAA aeroplane to combine search and strike roles. The first prototypes were ordered as early as 1946, while the first production aircraft were handed over to the Royal Navy in the spring of 1954. In addition to the British crews, Australian, West German and Indonesian pilots flew this type of aircraft, with the latter giving up their mounts in the late 1960s. This volume deals with the anti-submarine and strike variants.

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