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COCCARDE TRICOLORI 2016 Delai:3 semaines RNP013


Riccardo NICCOLI

2016, 320 pages, format 21 x 30, photographies couleurs, texte en italien.

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“Coccarde Tricolori 2016” is formed by 320 pages, all in colour, which include:

- Review of the most important facts, photos and news of the year 2015 in the air, sea, and land fields.

- 27 in-depth illustrated articles on topic subjects.

- Fact sheets on the Italian MoD and on all the Armed Forces and State Corps, with organizations, order of battle, data on personnel and balance.

- Fact sheets on all the air, sea and land machines and equipment, in service with the Italian Armed Forces.

- An English Summary

Between the subjects of this edition: exclusive interviews to the Italian Navy Chief of Staff, to the first Italian F-35 pilot, and to the Commander of the Italian Army Special Forces Command. In addition, articles on the new Centauro II armoured car, on the first participation of the Italian Typhoon fighters to exercise Red Flag, in the USA, to the Italian Army Parachutists School, and many, many more!

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